Airport Analysis Services

Piots in CockpitRunway Wayne, LLC provides comprehensive airport analysis to ensure the highest level of safety and to comply with all regulatory requirements of national aviation agencies.

Aircraft take-off analysis, landing analysis, and engine-out performance data is carefully calculated to allow maximum utilization of aircraft while ensuring the highest level of safety and complying with regulatory requirements of national aviation agencies.

Runway Wayne, LLC works closely with customers to engineer effective safe solutions when straight-out flight paths are not practical for obstacle clearance and/or special procedures are needed to obtain optimum take-off weights.

Airport Surveillance

Runway Wayne, LLC offers airport surveillance custom tailored to your flight operations. We closely monitor “surveillance airports” as specified by your company for temporary / permanent changes to runway characteristics including threshold changes, runway lengths and obstructions. The information is compiled and sent via written report to your company daily.

Runway Analysis

Runway Analysis manuals are prepared and maintained for each operator. The basic manual includes a log of effective pages, a listing of airports by ICAO, IATA / city name, flap settings, and date of issuance or revision. Manuals can be custom tailored to your company’s needs. Additionally all published manuals are issued on CD in Portable Document Format (PDF).

In the event that a last minute runway length change occurs, an intersection departure is needed, etc., you can be confident that Runway Wayne LLC will provide prompt, personalized service that will keep your operation on track. In most cases data can be generated and published in PDF format and sent via email to the operator, ground station, and pilots in just minutes.

Turn Procedures

Turn procedures are engineered on request.

Weight and Balance

Computerized weight and balance programs, and support, are available for nearly any aircraft type.

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